Medical Geography

Social Media and GIS

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Tools for extracting data from social media technology for public health surveillance are becoming increasingly popular. This is a ripe area for research. The following are some of these tools:

Flu Near You
Google Flu Trends

This New England Journal of Medicine article also provides some interesting links on harnessing the web for public health surveillance.


Early Contributors to Medical Geography

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Found this link today that provides a brief review of several early contributors to medical cartography. The maps on this site are terrific.

Early Medical Cartographers

Geography of Yellow Fever

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Here are a few links to information about the history and geography of yellow fever.

Short History of Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever – A Current Threat

Disease Mapping and Early Theories of Yellow Fever

One of the famous early investigators of Yellow Fever was Valentine Seaman, a surgeon at New York Hospital. In 1798, he published a map to support his argument that the city’s Yellow Fever outbreak was due to the smell that arose from the city’s garbage and sewage that had accumulated in the harbor area (Koch, 2005). His mapping long predated the mapping of John Snow.

More about Valentine Seaman